Custom Website Design

Custom Website Design


In the past few years, many businesses were desperate to generate visibility on the web.  Websites became an avenue for businesses to potentially increase their client base.  At the time, template websites provided a quick-fix shortcut for these businesses, enabling them to join the digital age.  Most of all, they were cheap; a business could develop a website without investing too much money into a then-minor component of their business.  For a while, these prefabricated websites were useful for increasing visibility and drawing new leads.  But as they became more prevalent, these dime-a-dozen templates became lackluster and ineffective, especially for ecommerce sites.


Why use a custom website?

Custom websites became more prevalent as template sites became outdated.  This shift created a greater need for custom websites for businesses of all sizes.  Businesses came to recognize the benefits of building a website from scratch, such as a greater ROI and increased visibility.  Nowadays, many websites are choosing to spend a bit more for the superior results of a custom site.  Here are just a few advantages of a custom website design:

  • A unique design that can’t be matched in template sites. The best, most frequented websites out there are custom designs that can’t be emulated by the competition. This gives your site a distinctive quality that will make it stand out, which will positively impact your lead generation and ROI.
  • Superior opportunities for search engine optimization. By creating a website from scratch, web-designers are better able to insert elements of SEO into the coding of your website. This will greatly impact your visibility in the search engine results pages.
  • A custom website design adapts more easily to your organization’s needs. An original website can be tailored to your business’ specific needs, which includes any features that you’d like the designer to include.
  • A website designer will be able to manage the content of your site. Unless you know how to code a website or you plan on using a content management system, you’ll likely need the assistance of a content manager to maintain your site.
  • Custom sites allow for functionality across all browsers. Template websites sometimes use outdated coding or browser-specific coding that does not work in every web browser, which limits your visibility.
  • Custom sites increase your business’ credibility. As the average web-user has become savvier, they’ve become more attuned to pinpointing the authority of a site based on appearance alone. Using a template site will only be a detriment to your credibility.

Although we offer template web-design, FocusMX specializes in creating custom websites that will generate exceptional results for our clients.  We will take your needs and desires into consideration during the creative process, and discuss with you the best ways to make your website appealing to clients.  Whether you’re looking to create a new site or redesign an existing site, we’re confident that we’ll be able to increase your ability to draw new clients and further your ROI.

Truthfully, custom websites cost more than templates.  But before you overlook them completely, consider the investment you’ll be making in your online presence.  Wouldn’t you rather spend that extra money, go that extra mile, to impress your clients?  Investing in a custom website will net your website a professional appearance that will astound your visitors and generate new sales as opposed to a template site that uses stock graphics and layout-designs.