Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design

According to a recent report by the Forrester research and advisory firm, ecommerce sales have exceeded $200 billion per year which accounts for 7% of overall retail sales. Ecommerce has become an essential component of contemporary businesses, and your business needs to tap into this growing resource if you want your organization to thrive.  Even more telling is that they expect this number to increase to 9% by 2016.  Using ecommerce, companies are able to draw on a number of technologies to help them manage their online purchasing, payment and management systems.  An online element is a necessity for businesses large and small regardless of the products or services they offer, but many companies are unable to initiate an effective ecommerce campaign. 

This is where FocusMX can help you maximize the potential of your online business.  Our team of expert programmers will help you design and develop an ecommerce website that will draw new visitors to your site and convert them into active clients.  We use the latest online marketing and business techniques to ensure that your organization is profiting from your ecommerce website design.  Rather than simply incorporating elements of ecommerce into your site, we will optimize your web-presence to ensure that you have an effective ecommerce website design.


How can ecommerce website design help you?

Many businesses have websites, but not every one of these sites is optimized to handle the duties of an active ecommerce site.  In order to effectively deal with the needs of your customers, an ecommerce site must make use of a number of tools.  Ecommerce website design will enable companies to utilize a number of services to improve their sales such as:

  • Virtual storefronts – The first step toward generating new conversions is to display your goods in a manner that will appeal to your clients. Virtual storefronts act as digital catalogues which allow visitors to browse the site’s inventory. In addition to visual appeal, these storefronts must be optimized and organized in order to receive return business from your clients.
  • Digital shopping carts – Shopping carts are one of the most essential elements of an ecommerce website. Many online customers will abandon their orders at the shopping cart phase before they are able to complete their purchases. FocusMX will use proven ecommerce website design techniques to decrease the chances of customers abandoning their purchases before check-out.
  • Secure online payment methods – Trust is one of the most effective elements in an ecommerce website design. Including a safe method of payment takes the risk out of shopping on your site, making it easier for clients to follow through with their purchases. Without a secure payment method, clients will be far less likely to purchase your products or services.
  • Online marketing – You may have a top-notch ecommerce site, but it won’t be any use if your clients can’t find it. Using tools like SEO and PPC, we will help your website reach the top of the search engine results pages in order to increase your brand visibility. Just as you must market a physical business, it is just as important to promote your brand online. As your web-presence grows stronger, your chances for increased conversion rate and ROI will grow as well.

Incorporating an online element to your business is a step in the right direction, but you need to accompany your online business with techniques that are proven to drive sales and increase visitor conversions.  With an optimized ecommerce website design, your organization will be better equipped to handle the issues that arise from dealing in business online.  From the intricacies of web-marketing to the specifics of design and implementation, FocusMX provides proven solutions for your ecommerce website design needs.