Our Process

Our Process

You want results and you want to do Search Engine Optimization? We have a solution for you.

At FocusMX, we create success for your organization.  We do this by establishing an online presence for your organization through a custom-designed website infused with the latest marketing techniques.  We identify your vision, implement your goals, and create a web presence that represents your organization and generates profitable results – all from day one. 

We’ve learned that the easiest way to do this is to break up certain parts into steps.  This way, your organization can see our progress and we can meet benchmarks together.

initial consultation


The first step in designing your website is your initial consultation with FocusMX. Here, we begin to develop your overall online presence. We discuss your current business plan and your marketing techniques. We also discuss your industry as a whole so that we can understand your specific product’s niche.

market research analysis


Once the initial consultation is complete, a marketing expert at FocusMX performs a market research analysis to fully understand your market, the competition, and to create a plan that works with your business objectives. At this stage in the process, our designers will begin drafting an initial design for your review.

initial visual draft


After you have been presented with an initial visual draft of your website, we meet to review the proposed design and discuss our understanding of how your site complements your business. At this time we input the specifications and identify the look, feel, function, depth, and content of your website. When the visual draft has been approved, we begin the process of refining your website’s visual.



Next, our professional web designers will transform your vision into reality, finalizing and coding your website before placing it online for your review. We then consult with you to make any final modifications prior to testing to ensure the maximum site performance.



When our designers have made those final modifications, we run a testing process that ensures usability. This is where we determine how well a visitor can navigate through your site and whether the marketing concepts that we have implemented work as they were intended to work. As soon as testing is complete, we make changes as necessary in order to optimize your website prior to launch.



The last step is the launch of your new website! At this point, you have a formidable online presence that will guarantee profitable results for your organization.