Testimonials of Our Work

We appreciate our clients…and our clients appreciate us!  So instead of telling you how great we are, we’ll let our clients do the talking.




Ben White

comaFocusMX created a website for my physical therapy practice. I had an idea of what I wanted my site to look like, and they transformed my idea into reality. Almost immediately, I started receiving more traffic to my site!
Ben White, www.vitallinkpt.com



Adam McCambridge comaIt seems like everyone is selling their items online today. I wanted in, but wasn’t sure what the first step was. I worked with FocusMX to design a website where my company now sells paintball equipment. Since going live, we’ve seen a huge boost in revenue because of FocusMX’s online marketing techniques. I am very pleased. Adam McCambridge, www.solsticepaintballproductions.com



mark hill

Scott WarrenI needed a large step-up when it came to creating a presence
online. I retained FocusMX to create our visual and
understood that the initial site was lacking any effective
marketing techniques. What I was surprised was how much!
My new site is an excellent tool at generating new leads!
Scott Warren, www.absolutecustomsinc.com



George Smith comaThe site is doing about 155 orders a week compared to 75 on the old site, orders are up over 100%, we like the site very much. We feel that the new site is a good part of this 100% increase in business. George Smith, www.egwguns.com



Carla Dago comaFocusMX did a great job developing my website. They “held my hand” throughout the process and never made me feel “stupid”. They were accommodating of my requests and always professional.Carla Dago, www.tannerstales.com