Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Web design and development are the two most crucial considerations when building a website.  While they are distinct in their applications, these two practices are interrelated, allowing site owners to increase their web presence and generate greater conversion rates.  Whether you’re looking to build a brand new website or reinvent an existing one, FocusMX is your premier source for industry-leading web design and development services. 


FocusMX handles your web design and development needs

At FocusMX, we make your web design and development needs a priority.  We know which design, development and marketing strategies will work best for your business or organization.  We take every aspect of your website into consideration during the creative process to ensure that your site is capable of making a significant impact on your online presence.  We focus on improving the overall quality of your website by targeting specific elements that require attention in the areas of both web design and development. 

  • Web Design – You don’t just need a website; you need a web-solution, and FocusMX is the design agency with the technological and experiential credentials to help you achieve success. Website design is our specialty. Our expert programmers know how to work with our clients to ensure that their websites are optimized in terms of layout, user interaction, and visual appeal. We offer website design solutions to fit all budgets, from templates that use existing layouts to custom designs that are tailor-made to suit the needs of your organization. We’ve created online solutions for large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individual entrepreneurs, giving us the experience to handle any of your business needs.
  • Web Development – Not only do we create sites, but we manage them as well. Once a site has been designed, it must undergo a series of developments to ensure that it is performing at its peak. This exhaustive process includes the implementation of elements such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and landing page optimization. In addition to these marketing services, our developers also deal with site maintenance, content development, and coding. A developed site is far more likely to draw clients than one that hasn’t been optimized with user interaction in mind.

How does web design effect your organization?

When it comes to your website, as it is with just about anything in business, you always want to put your best foot forward.  A first impression is all-important on the web, and many clients receive this initial impression through your website, so you want to make sure that your site is capable of appealing to your customers on every level at first glance.  Although this may seem like a rather simple task, the average website visitor will abandon a site within seconds of their first visit, adding a bit of pressure to the situation.  Beyond this original interaction, your site must convince these passive visitors to become active users, either by taking advantage of a call-to-action on the page, or by following through with an intended purchase if the site is focused on ecommerce. 

To accomplish this, our web design and development experts will take every aspect of your website into account.  A website is examined on every level, from the layout of the page to the lines of coding that form your site.  Through our web design and development process, we adjust and refine these elements so that they more easily appeal to visitors.  When used in conjunction with online marketing strategies like SEO and PPC, these elements can be incredibly adept at drawing visitors to the website and convincing them to heed your call-to-action.