Website Design Solutions

Website Design Solutions


We all know that the internet has changed the way we do business, but some still haven’t been able to take advantage of the new ways that websites allow us to market toward our target audiences.  The truth is your business or organization can’t afford to neglect your visibility on the internet.  Research conducted by the National Small Business Association has shown that roughly 84% of small businesses have a website, which means that there are thousands of businesses out there that haven’t yet harnessed the power of an online presence.  They are effectively missing out on increasing their target audience by a significant degree, all because they can’t see the potential of investing in an effective website design.

As the need to have an online component to your organization becomes more apparent, businesses and organizations are struggling to find a website design and marketing agency that will be able to build a website to meet their needs.  When it comes to the competitive industry of website design, there are few web-design and marketing agencies out there with the technical and experiential credentials of FocusMX.  We offer website designs for large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and everything in between.


Why is web design effective?

Although our marketing priorities have changed with the advent of website design, there are several proven methods that can be used to appeal to the needs of potential clients.  These methods haven’t just been proven through trial-and-error; they’re based in psychological evidence that suggests the web-browsing patterns and habits of the average internet user.

For example:  a multitude of testing has confirmed that most website viewers observe most websites in an F-shaped pattern.  As such, most web designers incorporate this information into their design tactics by placing the most important information and calls-to-action within these vital areas.  Research has shown that an appealing website design like this is one of the most effective methods of convincing clients to venture further into a website and to take advantage of a call-to-action.  And this is only a single example; we understand these trends, and our programmers work hard to ensure that your site has been formatted in a manner that is enticing to visitors.


Why choose FocusMX for your website design needs?

There are a bunch of website design companies out there who are claiming to be the best, so what makes us different?  Unlike many of these agencies, we have the experience to back up our claims.  We get results for our clients through all manner of website design and marketing.  This includes not only our custom and template designs, but our search engine optimization, pay-per-click services, social media optimization and landing page optimization services.   By making use of our full range of services, our clients are able to increase their online visibilities which generate significant results for their conversion rates and ROI.

Putting our credentials and portfolio aside, we offer a range of services to create online solutions for our clients at competitive rates.  We are able to work within your budget and get results for your business.  But it’s important that you don’t think of your new or redesigned website as a purchase; it’s too valuable to think about it like this.  Instead, consider your website to be an investment, one that will improve your visibility and create new leads and sales.  There is a reason why the majority of small businesses have incorporated a website into their marketing strategies.  If you haven’t yet delved into the world of online marketing, you can rest assured that your competitors have.  Don’t worry, it’s not too late; contact FocusMX today to learn how we can help you to initiate your online presence.